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Currently available topics for master or PhD thesis

At the moment, we are able to offer the following topics:

  • Cluster Validation Techniques
  • Feature Selection Methods for Classification
  • Image Registration using the Discrepancy Norm
  • Image Enhancement in the area of Fingerprint identification
  • Image Processing for Microstructure Data Analysis
  • For a more detailed description, see the attached files below. Moreover, everybody may feel free to suggest his/her own topic. If you are interested in writing a master or PhD thesis at the FLLL, please contact

ThesisClusterValidation.pdf121.32 KB
ThesisFeatureSelection.pdf121.3 KB
ThesisImageRegistration.pdf97.45 KB
ThesisEnhanceFingerprint.pdf98.44 KB
ThesisMicrostructureAnalysis.pdf121.95 KB