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Robert Pollak

Robert Pollak's picture
  • Master degree (Diplom-Ingenieur) in Technical Mathematics at JKU Linz in 1997
  • Commercial C++ software development since 1999
  • Research Assistant at FLLL since 2008 FLLL/JKU FLLL: +43 (0) 7236 3343 - 430; JKU: +43 (0) 732 2468 - 4149

OpenPGP Key: 2EFF 9545 1A62 E29B

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  • Lughofer E., Pollak R., Zavoianu C., Meyer-Heye P., Zörrer H., Eitzinger C., Haim J., Radauer T.: Self-Adaptive Time-Series Based Forecast Models for Predicting Quality Criteria in Microfluidics Chip Production, in: Proceedings of the IEEE Cybernetics Conference 2017, Series IEEE Cybernetics, IEEE Press, 2017.
  • Zavoianu C., Lughofer E., Pollak R., Meyer-Heye P., Eitzinger C., Radauer T.: Multi-Objective Knowledge-Based Strategy for Process Parameter Optimization in Micro-Fluidic Chip Production, in: Proceedings of the SSCI 2017 Conference, Series Proceedings of the SCCI 2017 Conference, IEEE Press, 2017.

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