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David Tschumperle: PDE's on the space of patches for image denoising and registration

March 17, 2010 - 13:45 - 15:00
JKU campus, TNF Gebäude, room T211
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Leila Muresan

Here we propose to define a very simple transform able to map any multi-valued image into an Euclidean space of patches, such that each existing image patch is mapped into a single high-dimensional point.
We show that solving variational problems and PDE's on this particular space is a quite original way of finding the natural patch-based counterparts of some classical image processing techniques, such as anisotropic diffusion regularization and Lucas-Kanade registration methods. We end up with interesting variants of known patch-based algorithms, such as an anisotropic version of the Non Local Means algorithm and a variational block matching-based techniques with smoothness properties. We illustrate these non-local schemes by comparison results with corresponding non-variational and non-patch counterparts of the methods.